Rapid growth

Our meal prep delivery program generated over $1,000,000 in revenue by our 10th month in business. April 2015 press release. 


In 2015, 324 team members delivered insulated cooler bags of prepared food in 24 major markets for dozens of meal prep providers . June 2016 press release. 


We have recorded over 10,000,000 delivered meals since inception at the end of 2013. 


In 2016 we were actively delivering for 7 out of the top 10 meal plan delivery providers on both the East and West coast. 


Our 99+% accuracy rate directly translates into greater customer retention and longer lifetime value of our partners subscribers, members or clients.  

Food Safety

We have proposed a Food Safety Bill to keep consumers safe and our partners ahead of what we believe future regulations will look like.

The bill outlined two items for consideration:

  • 1. Food must remain at food grade temperature of at or below 41 degrees upon delivery.
  • 2. The meal prep provider must provide a proof of delivery notification for all food delivered.